2 minute original song with harmonies, any style!

Hi there - thanks for stopping by my listing! I'm Tara S, a musician, writer and performer. Multiple songs on Spotify, lots of live performance experience, and I currently teach piano and voice. I'm offering the perfect gift for a friend, partner, or family member: their very own song. The songs I'm offering will have 3 short verses, a repeated chorus and an instrumental interlude. I can do funny, rhyming lyrics and funky beats; I can do soulful laments with piano backdrops; of course, I can also do soft, lovey-dovey ballads about what makes a person super special. And that's just a few examples!

Give me all the details, and I'll work some magic. You'll end up with a gift-worthy little earworm that's sure to be appreciated by the recipient - and anyone else at the party!

Revisions Included: 1
Time required to complete: 4-6 Days
Weddings & Proposals
Just Because