Add a Figure to your Illustration

Add a body to any of my custom illustrations.

How to Order

  1. PURCHASE: Looking to add additional people to your illustration? Purchase the Gesture of the type of illustration that you would like AND this add on.
  2. UPLOAD PHOTOS: Use this Upload Portal to provide photo references for your portrait and your ideas on the type of superhero, or superhero reference.
  3. SKETCH: Once I receive your photos, I'll provide a draft sketch to review
  4. FINAL PORTRAIT: Once you're happy with your sketch, I will provide a unique link to access your final portrait files in 1-2 weeks!


If you have any questions, contact me from my profile and I'll be happy to help you out!

Personalization Form:
Revisions Included: 2
Time required to complete: 4-6 Days
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