Shespoke Personalized Poems

Bespoke can be Hespoke or Shespoke or Theyspoke. I will not put words in your mouth...but I will make it look like I have been inside your head! I write POEMS that are personalized and with content that you provide. It might include your lover’s favourite colour, or flower, or place. It might tell your bestie how much you love them, or your dad about your favourite memories with him. Standard poems are up to fifty words and may include rhymes, if desired. A premium version is also available.

Steps to Order:

  1. Purchase the Gesture
  2. Fill out the Poem Intake Form to provide all the details I need to create your poem
  3. I will create your poem
  4. I will provide you a unique link to access your poem.
Time required to complete: 1-3 Days
Weddings & Proposals
Just Because