Produced Personalized Song

We write, sing, mix and master a personalized two minute song that you can give as a one-of-a-kind gift.

You want a song for someone but can't play guitar? Well now you have Improvised Gifts. Tell us your friend's name and some fun facts and we will create a song they will never forget. Cards and Balloons are great but a song is a gift that will make them feel special and last forever.

We work with a team of musicians and identify the best musician to tell your story. Fill out the form below to provide all the information we will need to create your song!

Steps to Order:

  1. Purchase the Gesture
  2. Fill out the Song Intake Form to provide all the details we need to create your song
  3. I will Improv and record your song.
  4. I will provide you a unique link to access your song in mp3 format.

Spotify Song Samples:
A Better Place
Shaker Mama

1 Song Sample: You're So

2 Song Sample: Ginny and the bets

Personalization Form:
Time required to complete: 7-9 Days
Weddings & Proposals
Just Because