Personalized Acoustic Song (Basic)

Get a Personalized Acoustic Song for just $65!

Got a special birthday, wedding anniversary, or just want to make someone you love smile? This is sure to be a gift they will cherish forever!

For your personalized song I will write custom lyrics and record an original song for your loved one. I can also incorporate your own lyrics if you have something you'd like to include.

Have a special message you'd like said before the song? Tell me what you'd like said I can include a short message before starting the song.

Your Basic Package will include 1 verse and 1 chorus ( this is typically around 1.5 mins in length) as well as a video recorded of my live performance.

Steps to Order:

  1. Purchase the Gesture ( and add-on for speedy delivery)
  2. Fill out the Song Intake Form to provide all the details we need to create your song
  3. I will write and record your song.
  4. I will provide you a unique link to access your song in mp4 format. I will also provide you a copy of your lyrics.


Speedy Delivery
Standard time is 4-6 day delivery, but if you'd like your song within 1-3 days please also purchase the Speedy Delivery add-on as well.
Lyrics on Screen
I also offer the 'add-on' of lyrics to appear on-screen as I sing them, which can be a nice touch to the video. Please purchase the 'Lyrics add-on' if you'd like that to be included.

Have any questions before ordering? Send me a message!

This gift is one of a kind, and really can give someone such a lovely surprise - a gift like no other!

I look forward to hearing your requests!


Examples of my Music Messages

Bethany Jane on the Gesture Shop
Song for Carly with 'add-on lyrics'
Coconut Woman

Personalization Form:
Time required to complete: 4-6 Days
Weddings & Proposals
Just Because