Original Custom Song: Studio Acoustic Recording + Live Video

A full original song (2 verses, 3 choruses, 1 bridge) written and recorded by award winning folk pop artist Joseph Eid.

Scroll down to listen to examples of songs written for clients.

This service includes:

  • An acoustic mp3 recording of a full original custom song (2 verses, 3 choruses, 1 bridge).
  • A live performance video of the song by Your Song Daddy (Joseph Eid) with a special shout out to the recipient.

How to Order

  1. PURCHASE: Purchase the Gesture
  2. SUBMIT SONG QUESTIONNAIRE: Use this form to get started (https://forms.gle/3etqcJs93zDJSM168)
  3. MAGIC TIME: Once I receive your questionnaire, I'll start writing the song. After 5 to 10 days, I will send you lyrics to approve and a link to listen to the song. (at this point, you can approve the song lyrics or make a revision.)
  4. FINAL SONG DELIVERED: If there is a revision to the lyrics, I will make them and in 2 to 4 days, I will provide you with the final mp3 file of the song via email.
  5. LIVE PERFORMANCE VIDEO: At the time you receive an mp3 of the song, you will also receive a link a live performance of the song and a shout out to the recipient.

What You'll Receive

  • An acoustic studio recording of the song. (mp3)
  • A live performance video of the song. (mp4)

Scroll below for examples of custom songs I've written and recorded for clients. Also feel free to visit www.josepheidmusic.com to learn more about me!





Personalization Form: https://forms.gle/3etqcJs93zDJSM168
Revisions Included: 1
Time required to complete: 10-15 Days
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