Marshall James Kavanaugh

Marshall James Kavanaugh is a dream laborer of words and various art forms used to create poetic dream spaces for his readership to explore. His works contain a culture driven attempt at documenting the creative activism of his generation. Over the years, he has taken his poetry to streets, art galleries, and performance venues around the country.

Beyond these community events, as a full time performer, Kavanaugh creates stream-of-subconscious inspired poetry on demand for the general public as Dream Poet For Hire. Equipped with a Smith-Corona Skyriter, he sets up in public spaces around Philadelphia and writes on-the-spot poems on any topic. He has published two collections of short stories, several small chapbooks of travel fiction, and two collections of haikus with the small press, A Freedom Books. His most recent poetry book, Travel By Haiku: Volumes 6-10, Far Out On The Road With Friends (released March 2021) is a modern ode to the community found on the road, with collaborative haikus written by six navigators of its far reaches over the course of three separate road trips.

Portfolio/ Instagram: @dreampoetforhire

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